Get Sales Copilot Right 

Start  Doing More With Less And Gain Back a Day a Week With Get Sales Copilot Right!


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Now is the time....You can Do More with Less and Stop "Doing CRM" with Sales Copilot.

Sales Copilot  is a seller experience app that automatically Captures Office 365 and Microsoft Teams data into ANY CRM. 

What if you could give your sales team nearly a day back in their week?  

See what Sales Copilot Can Do for your Sales Team!  We use research-based benchmarks in our ROI calculator. 


Digital Sales

Our Strategy

Does this describe what is keeping you from winning the day?

✅34% of seller time is spent on administration and tasks.*

✅32% of seller time spent is spent on selling.*

✅54% of sellers say sales tools enable them to build stronger relationships with buyers.**

✅23% of business owners said manual data entry was their biggest challenge with CRM, followed by 17% lack of data integration.***

Did you know....

Sales Efficiney - Edited

How to Get Sales Copilot Right in 30 days

A 4 Week Implementation that Aligns your People and Tech using Sales Copilot so you don't have to “Do CRM” anymore and can have better conversations.

Week 1 - Edited
week 2 - Edited
week 2.1 - Edited
Week 3 - Edited


                        2 Days

  • Select Early Adopter Team
  • Digital Interviews Showcase for Key stakeholders
  • Design Thinking Align People and Tech Sessions
  • Goals- Document Goals and KPIs

On Board

                      1 Week

  • Configure
  • Outlook
  • Teams
  • Conversation AI
  • Train
  • Core Team Users
  • Core Team Managers


                        2 Weeks

  • Evangelize
  • Set Up Sales Copilot Adoption Teams Channel
  • Email Campaign
  • Self Learning Videos
  • Daily Coaching Calls
  • Monitor CRM Adoption
  • Monitor Call Useage


                       1 Week

  • Roll out Plan
  • Conversation Blueprint