Get Low Code Right

with Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents and RPA! 

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Get Low Code Right in 30 days with our Exclusive Challenge.

Discover the secrets to leveraging Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents and RPA for successful Low code implementation, all without the need for a Big Project.

Unlock the Framework. w and revolutionize your 

According to Gartner, 80% of technology products and services will be built outside of IT by 2024!

Demand for Low Code is Up… but Resources are Down… We Have to Get Low Code Right

Customers accelerating needs for experiences, insights and outcomes from companies who already are resource crunched- have created overwhelmed employees. And the monolithic systems in place aren't helping. The convergence of these factors is driving a massive need edge experiences and for Low Code Development. 

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Do you feel you....

"We need to innovate from the edge!"

"We have done an app in a day but don't know what to do next."

"Why can't I find a Power Apps Architect without a Big Project?" 

"I need to get started with something that will make an impact."

"We don't have enough people?" 

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Get Power Automate Right 

Ready to Automate and Streamline your Business Process?

  • Power Automate empowers you to streamline and automate your processes, fostering operational efficiency and agility. By seamlessly integrating with various applications and services, Power Automate enables the automation of repetitive tasks, reducing manual efforts and minimizing errors. This not only accelerates the pace of business processes but also enhances accuracy.

    Whether it's automating data entry, approval workflows, or notification systems.  Power Automate offers a flexible solution that adapts to diverse business needs. This automation not only saves time but also enables employees to focus on more strategic and creative aspects of their roles. 

  • In addition, it facilitates the flow of information between different systems, fostering better collaboration and data-driven decision-making. By incorporating Power Automate, businesses can optimize their operations, improve productivity, and stay competitive in today's dynamic business landscape. 

 Get Power Automate Right Today!   

Video and Blog: Intro To Canvas Apps

Canvas apps are by far Connors favorite part of ‘Power Apps’. He's a little biased since this is how he was first introduced to Power Apps. Canvas apps are a great solution when your users need some sort of UI that must be mobile.  

Read the entire blog here! 

30-Day Get Low Code Right Challenge​ – What to Expect


Week One- Onboard

Initial 5 Day design thinking sprint focused on identifying and solving for one key challenge. 

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Week Two - Three  Adopt & Optimize

Assisted build sprint, think aloud testing and deploy for user adoption. Daily coaching calls

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Week Four- Achieve

Plan to Develop Train and Deploy solutions to your people. Plan for 10 X outcomes- guaranteed. 

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