Stop Doing CRM! 

Start Outgrowing Your Competitors by Having The Right Conversations at the Right Time. 

AI Fueled Conversation Intelligence with  DialoguePrime!

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Did you know the #1 adoption issue is Sales teams complaining about the process being too difficult, tedious and it's the main reason CRM adoptions fail.

With  DialoguePrime you can stop DOING CRM!

All sales cycles start with conversations and relationships. During these calls, introductions, stories, examples, timelines and budgeting are just a few of the common threads in these conversations. This is critical data that is contained in calls but then need to be manually entered into CRM. 

NO MORE...not with DialoguePrime! 

DialoguePrime is built upon any CRM and extends the capabilities into your CRM! 


How it works

Calls are rated with our special frameworks and are tunable to add even more details you want to capture.  With our patented Design Thinking approach, we can even build custom industry frameworks no matter what the line of business is. 

The Result

 CRM now lights up with all the data from calls.  Being able to see productivity and call touchpoints with clients. Giving the ability to see all  follow-up and action items, and score based on our relationship book The 7 elements of Successful Business Relationships and how you can improve your relationship.  Like never before, the signals coming are leverage to help improve both the customer and team member experience, which results in more Sales Revenue.

Winning and keeping customers takes time...

It happens across the many calls, meetings, and emails that help you communicate and build trust in your value. Time is money, and relationships are key. It is more important than ever that your conversations with people lead to mutually profitable relationships. 


Does this describe what is keeping you from winning the day?

34% of seller time is spent on administration and tasks.*

32% of seller time spent is spent on selling.*

54% of sellers say sales tools enable them to build stronger relationships with buyers.**

23% of business owners said manual data entry was their biggest challenge with CRM, followed by 17% lack of data integration.***

What Clients are saying


“CongruentX has Helped Fuel our Rapid Business Growth"   

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Get DialoguePrime In 30-Days – What to Expect

Bring IT and Business together with fast-moving, interactive engagement featuring design thinking and discovering the right conversations. Art of the Possible learning on DialoguePrime. Make it Real with collaborative sprints leveraging the congruentX DialoguePrime Framework. 


Week One

Align GTM with People and Tech. Create Journey Maps. Discover the most critical conversations.  


Week Two

Rapid, iterative sprints to develop DialoguePrime Conversation Intelligence conversations with Pilot Team. 
Action Plan to Onboard Train Adopt and Achieve Outcomes with the broader organization

5 - Work flow

Week Three

DialoguePrime Pilot Group 
Rollout Plan​ 
Review Monitoring Options and Outcome Benchmarks 

DialoguePrime Works With

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