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Accelerate Your GTM Strategy with What Happens in the Field

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Decrease Revenue Acquisition Cost, Increase Lifetime Value 

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Save Your Sellers a Day and a Half a Week at the Same Time Driving  your GTM with Playbooks

"Our CRO Made Big Promises to the Board on our Go To Market Strategy but The Growth isn't Happening with our Sellers in the Field".  

We have to align our GTM with our field sales activities so we can grow - and IT can't budget another big CRM consulting project. 

Companies are Investing in Tech like CRM 

The Way We Consume Information has Changed

Most of the Time its not Working

Old School CRM Has Not


We Need to Turn Friction Into Fuel

We Believe Your Team Deserves a CRM Solution that Doesn't Feel Like they have to "Do CRM" 

How to Use AI Fueled Revenue to Drive Your Go to Market Strategy -  

Without a Big CRM Consulting Project.

Start Here- Learn Where You Stand Compared to Competitors.

Just a Few of the companies We've Helped Get CRM Right

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What We Have Learned About AI Fueled Revenue and What You Should Ask Your Team

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Grow revenue profitably 
Align our GTM with field activities 
Lower my customer acquisition cost 
Increase my customer lifetime value
Forecast the business
Sales managers run the same sales meetings 
Focus on high value customers 


Do more with less
Show value to the business 
Manage my budget constraints 
Manage my complex revenue stack
Manage the tech talent and skills gap 
Responsible AI strategy 

Sales Rep 

Make my quota 
Spend time with high value prospects
Prepare for meetings
Lead great meetings
Follow up on meetings
Work with buyers across physical and digital channels
Sell to the committee
Less time entering information 

AI Fueled Revenue

Turn Tech from Friction to Fuel, Increase Profitable Growth and Accelerate Value.

Bring IT and Business together with fast moving, interactive engagement, featuring Design Thinking discovering Digital Constraints.

Make it Real with collaborative low code sprints.  

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Step One


Value Acceleration workshops to Discover digital friction constraints. Prioritize one with 10X ROI, Deploy D365 Sales, CX AI Fueled Revenue Modules with AI Assistant

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Step Two


In App, Ongoing Training, Active Technical and Adoption, Monitoring, Feedback, Course Corrections, Preplanned Feature Sprints 

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Step Three


Support Rev-ops Motions Around North Star Growth  Outcomes with Rev Ops Pulse Subscription


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I wholeheartedly consider them part of my team, and they are embedded within my organization. They have more domain knowledge than some people within the firm.

- One Digital Insurance 

Can I honestly tell you how excited I am to write this email? …this partnership will enable WCF to excel past our (already idealist) vision for how we can leverage technology.


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